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"Mr. Malone is forthright and truthful. He teaches ‘principles,’ not just laws and regulations. His presentation is animated. He takes the time to make sure everyone understands. This is a thorough and comprehensive course for anyone wishing to be successful in the mold inspection and remediation business. I was very pleased with the course and all of the instructor’s presentations. Thank you!"
 -- W. Walker, AR

I attend a lot of classes. I enjoy learning. This was an excellent class! I walked away with knowledge in every aspect of the business. I learned how to be more professional, do a better job and make money I will get to keep. I love it."
 -- L. Gragg, CA

Ed Malone is the definition of the word ‘teacher’! I came away from the class with the knowledge to become successful in the mold profession. Thanks Ed!
 -- M. Ervin, TN

"Hello, I wanted to thank you for a truly informative training seminar. It rivaled some of the best E.P.A. training I have ever received. The information was concise, to the point and very detailed. There can be no better course in the Industry. I am pleased to be a member of such a cutting edge group of professionals who truly care about people and doing the job right, thank you again."
 -- Larry R., FL

"Thank you for the opportunity to take your course on Mold Remediation in Las Vegas. I enjoyed the course and found it very educational and informative. The lectors were both inspirational and entertaining."
 -- Robert V., FL

"The instructors were knowledgeable, experienced, and kept my interest. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the hands-on experience and camaraderie of the class."
 -- Dave G., IA

"Very informative, very credible information"
 -- Bruce T., MI

"The class was taught with care. It was a well organized and very knowledgeable class. The class was wonderful."
 -- John H., MN

"Ever since I took the course I protect myself better indoors and outdoors against mold and I am feeling 100 percent better. I think all the speakers were very good. Ed really knows how to drill it in to your mind in a short time and the mold dog guy was great!"
 -- Lori A., MN

"I feel your course was excellent. Very informative and well paced."
 -- Alice L., AR

"The course clearly delineates the risks, impact and extent that the mold issue will play in property management and construction."
 -- Ron K., AK

"Great course, very fast paced. The instruction was great."
 -- Johnny J., VA

"There is nothing you could do to improve the course. No wasted time."
 -- Wayne B., GA

"I enjoyed taking the course. They kept my attention throughout the whole course. Direct and to the point."
 -- Tom T., CA

"The perfect introduction to the mould inspection remediation profession."
 -- D. Cooper, Ontario

"Very informative, kept my interest well."
 -- Jim Z., IL

"This course was taught by Professionals in a manner that everyone could understand and relate too. Ed is one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure of taking a course from."
 -- Ron F., LA

"I especially liked how an otherwise dull and difficult subject matter was made very interesting and easy to follow by the instructors' knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. Through this excellent training with take home exam, actual hands-on-sampling, IAQ equipment catalogue, and other technical handouts, I learned the proper basic mold inspection/remediation technique with right product/equipment to order, and how to start applying them to various mold problems."
 -- P. Icasino, California

"The content was great and your instructors were fantastic speakers. I was constantly entertained while absorbing a tremendous amount of information. I was disappointed that the course had to end and thought that it could have gone on for at least a week. I started with no knowledge in this industry and left the course feeling confident I could perform a mold inspection."
 -- Dan R., VA

"Speakers were professional and well-informed. Discussions were clear and interactive."
 -- Anthony P., NJ

"I liked the way the instructors made it fun to learn."
 -- Charles L., OH

"Ed Malone is an excellent instructor. I felt confident in his technical background and that of the other speakers."
 -- John R., MA

"A good course to take"
 -- Steve L., NJ

"Very professional and informative"
 -- Bill B., CA

"Liked the professor's enthusiasm. It keeps you on the edge of your seat."
 -- Bob G., NH

"Let me thank you for the wealth of information you have prepared and presented. I sincerely hope NAMP becomes a "brand name" in our industry and the leading organization for Mold Professionals."
 -- Richard V., FL

"This course is two days well spent for anyone looking to start in the mold business."
 -- Donald K., WA

"This course took the scientific and technical data and translated it into lay terms so that any person with the desire to learn could retain the information."
 -- Ron H., CA

"I was amazed at how much was covered in a short period of time."
 -- Henry K., OH

"The best certification course in the country. . . . Well organized, thorough, and more information than I believed possible in time allowed."
 -- Jeff A., NY

"I thought the course was very informative and covered the Mold subject very well. Ed is great at covering the subject and comes across very competent and totally believable and trustworthy."
 -- Pat H., MN

"Keep up the great work, I am looking forward to going to more training as it becomes available."
 -- Michael F., VA

"I liked the enthusiasm of Ed Malone!!!! And the great teaching skills of Mark Banner."
 -- David S., OH

"If you pay attention and take notes, you will definitely learn more than you anticipated. Urge future participants to take copious notes throughout the session. My notes were extremely helpful."
 -- Richard G., KY

"The entire course was fantastic. I learned a tremendous amount of information and truly enjoyed the course."
 -- John P., Georgia

"The course was excellent."
 -- Thomas R., FL

"The speakers were great, especially Ed. It was great knowledge for someone starting a mold business."
 -- Judith S., CA

"Thought the course was very good for what I needed to learn to begin to be proficient and professional in the handling of Mold problems for clients."
 -- Steve K., NJ

"Ed is a very dynamic presenter and should be commended for his expertise and professionalism. It showed in his presentation. I truly enjoyed the course."
 -- Barry K., PA

"The course was what I hoped for and more - scared me to learn what I have already been exposed to as well as my customers. A National Association is our best way to sift through and disseminate down to members useful links and information."
 -- Larry R., FL

"The course is a tremendous starting point for those interested in mold inspection and remediation. The instructors are fantastic and energizing. The feedback from the other students was phenomenal."
 -- Andrew C., GA

"Awesome class, engaging and approachable instructors. Definitely a worthwhile experience."
 -- Martin B., VA

"Excellent Speakers, Excellent Teachers, Very Knowledgeable staff. Ed Malone is an excellent instructor. We have taken several mold classes, this one is by far the very best. We learned more in the first few hours of this course then we learned in all the other courses combined."
 -- John E. and Scott L., WI

"The instructors were very good and knowledgeable."
 -- Anthony M., N.Y.

"I wish we had a week to spend with Dr. Malone. The information given in this course gives you a solid foundation for this industry."
 -- Jon C., CA

"The people were great. Great information -- great program."
 -- Don Y., LA

"I want to warn all future students to get a good nights rest before coming! The quantity (and quality) of information provided is enormous. This course is definitely worthwhile!!!"
 -- Steve G., CA

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