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NAMP Membership

In this day and age, everyone wants to see your credentials.  For this reason, many inspectors seek membership in the National Association of Mold Professionals ("NAMP").  NAMP Membership shows that you are a serious professional who is willing to take the extra steps necessary to differentiate yourself.  The NAMP logo is widely regarded as the mark of professional mold inspectors and remediators.

There are four membership levels available:


Intended For:

Associate Membership is offered for House Inspectors, and for other individuals who are new to Mold Inspection and Remediation


To become an Associate, an individual must complete a four (4) CEU* course every two years.


Intended For:

Regular Membership is offered for experienced Mold Inspectors and Remediators who wish to establish additional credentials for themselves and their business.


Members must meet the comprehensive NAMP requirements for training, experience, and testing.  Members must also complete an eight (8) CEU* course every two years.


Intended For:

Corporate Membership is available to those organizations that support the goals and mission of the National Association of Mold Professionals, work directly in the mold inspection and remediation industry and/or provide products used in the mold inspection and remediation industry.  The organization is permitted to use the NAMP logo in its advertising and membership benefits are extended to the organization through a single corporate designated representative.


These organizations must be approved by the Board of Directors.


Intended For:

This level of membership is only given to Mold Inspectors and Remediators who demonstrate a thorough knowledge and proficiency with all aspects of mold inspections and or remediations.


Accreditation as a Certified Mold Inspector (CMI) or a Certified Mold Remediator (CMR) is received only after an individual has successfully completed the comprehensive NAMP two (2) day certification class, passed the required examination, and met all requirements set forth by the Board of Directors. The NAMP Certified Professional Membership level requires re-certification on an annual basis.  All NAMP Certified Professional Members must therefore complete an eight (8) CEU* course each year.

* Continuing Education Unit
1 CEU =  1 hour of classroom study

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